Veel gestelde vragen over (FAQs) Parador Wand / Plafond

IIn which rooms can Parador ClickBoard and decor panels be used?

Parador ClickBoard and decor panels can basically be used in all living areas. It is therefore also possible to use them in rooms with changing climate conditions, such as the bathroom or kitchen. ClickBoard and decor panels should only not be used in areas where water splashes. 

Can wide ClickBoard panels (492 mm) be fi tted under the ceiling?

No. Wide ClickBoard panels are not suitable as ceiling cladding due to their high weight. For fi tting under the ceiling, narrow ClickBoard panels must be resorted to.

Which claws/clamps are suitable for fastening decor panels and ClickBoard ?

ClickBoard is fitted with centre clamps and the HDFrail system. The decor panels from the series: Basic 10, Rapido-Click and MilanoClick are fixed with the fastening claw for click panels, all Novara products with the profi le claw 3 for tongue and groove panels.

What is the maximum area on which Parador ClickBoard and decor panels can be fitted ?

For use on ceilings, Parador ClickBoard and decor panels can be fi tted on an area of up to 8 x 8 m. When cladding walls, a width of 8 m must not be exceeded.

Is it necessary to use end profiles ?

Due to the fact that the wood material expands and contracts with climate fl uctuations, a so-called expansion joint must be maintained on the fi nish to the wall or ceiling. The end profi les are the best solution for covering this necessary gap in an elegant manner.

Are decor panels and ClickBoard suitable for use in swimming pool, spa or jacuzzi areas?

No. Due to the constantly high humidity in wet areas, decor panels and Parador ClickBoard arenot suitable for use in swimming pool, spa or jacuzzi areas.

Is it possible to repair damaged surfaces ?

Damage to the surface like drill holes or scratches can be evened out on ClickBoard with the aid of the Parador repair compounds.

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